Botched Labiaplasty

Failed labiaplasty surgeries that can easily be fixed are those where a request for more tissue removal is wanted. Another is when irregular edges occur and the patient wants a smoother edge appearance or a less bumpy labial tissue.

Is labiaplasty revision common?

I have been doing labiaplasty surgery since 1990. The numbers of patients requiring labiaplasty revisions have dramatically increased over the past several years. It is not a common procedure but one that is steadily on the rise as more surgeons attempt to perform labiaplasty surgery without knowledge of the basic tenets of aesthetic vaginal surgery. In my practice, the volume of revision surgeries sent to me has doubled in the past three years.

About Us

All I do is pelvic surgery, mostly referred to me by others, I have had the opportunity to see just about everything that can go wrong with a labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, and pelvic reconstructive surgery. The sheer volume of cases I work with results in experience in detecting a problem, appreciating the aesthetic elements involved, planning and organizing a surgical course of action, and finally implementing and performing the surgery to the highest standards. Very very few primary labial surgeons have the volume to gain experience in the “re-dos.